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Chora Felogandros Map image

The traditional settlement of Chora is built at an altitude of 200m above sea level. The cobbled streets, the quants back streets, the many picturesque squares in combination to the breathtaking view, compose an incredible scenery. In Chora you can find hotels and apartments, traditional little cafes, bars and restaurants and a variety of all kinds of shops.

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Aggali Map image

The settlement of Aggali, is located in the south of the island 4 kilometers away from Chora, in the picturesque bay of Vathi and it can be accessed by motorbike, car or a bus service. In the area thera are hotels, rooms to let, taverns and cafes. At Perigiali Cafe you can find local products, traditional pies, homemade desserts as well as the famous ‘Kalasouna’ of Folegandros.The namesake beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island with crystal clear waters, ideal for families and fun in the sand.

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Ano Meria Map image

This is the second biggest and the most picturesque settlement of Folegandros. It is 6 kilometers away from Chora and it can be accessed by motorbike, car or a bus service. What is more, through Ano Meria you can get to the beaches of Agios Georgios, Ligaria, Ambeli, Livadaki, Serfiotiko and Agios Nikolaos. Last but not least, visit the traditional workshop where pasteli is made and don’t forget to sample the delicious local products. In Ano Meria you can find hotels and rooms to let, bars and restaurants.

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Karavostasi (The Port) Map image

Karavostasi is the port of Folegandros, situated on the northeast of the island. The main beach in Karavostasi is Chochlidia, a family beach but you can also find other smaller secluded beaches around such as Vitsentzou, Latina, Poundaki, Vardia as well as one of the most suitable beach for families and small children, Livadi. In Karavostasi you can find hotels and rooms to let, cafes, bars, restaurants and supermarkets.

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Petousis Map image

Petousis is one of the smallest and oldest, rural animal husbandry settlements 3,5 kilometers away from Chora. The top of the mountain is worth a visit where you can find Agios Ilias and admire the 360 panoramic view of the nearby islands.

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Livadi Map image

Livadi is a sparsely populated rural area with traditional houses that start literally at the edge of the sea and reach up to the mainland. It is located on the East Side of the island 1,5 kilometers away from Karavostasi and it also has easy access to the namesake beach and Katergo beach. The local cheese factory is definitely worth a visit as an unforgettable experience.

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